Manure Tea Works for Butterfly Gardening Too

Here’s a post from @OWButterflies of ObsessionWithButterflies: “Nothing has sparked more life back into my tired (hum, or am I talking about me?) butterfly garden than Haven Brand Manure Tea!” Click to read more of her Butterfly Gardening With Manure Tea post. We’re catching up on posting links to your experiments and success stories, so […]

Greener Gardens Indoors and outdoors with Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea

Here’s a post from Twitter @DirtandMartinis who liked the indoor results, and is now using our manure tea outdoors. “Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea is what I am going to be fertilizing my garden with this summer. No more chemicals…” click to read more of “Growing Green with Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea.” Nicky is […]

Benefits of Using Manure Tea

The benefits of using manure tea for watering your plants are significant over using chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are dangerous for your plant’s health, not to mention your family’s health. Begin growing green by learning about the benefits of using manure tea.

Common Manure Tea Myths

Using manure tea is a great way to boost plant growth and increase production. There are many myths circulating about the use of manure manure tea in home gardens. Discover the answers to common questions and fears concerning the use of manure teas in home gardens.

How To Use Manure Tea

Once you have the golden brown manure tea brewed, you might be unsure how to use it. Find out how versatile manure tea is and discover the different ways you can apply manure tea to your plants and gardens.