Inc. Magazine

Can You Sell Anything? Posted by Sarah Kessler Inc. Magazine May 1, 2010 Authentic Haven is just one of many companies riding a wave of enthusiasm for gardening. In 2009, the number of vegetable gardeners in the U.S. rose 14 percent, according to the National Gardening Association. As a result, other natural fertilizers, including worm […]


Manure Tea Bags Gets Constant Comment Posted by Ron Dicker March 25, 2010 Annie Haven’s manure tea bags might appear steeped in novelty, but when it comes to brewing up business, the woman knows her you-know-what. “I didn’t just look at my cows and say I’m going to sell manure,” Haven, a rancher in […]

Manure Tea: Not For Human Consumption Renee Montagne Morning Edition March 2, 2010 Annie Haven’s family has been ranching in Southern California for a hundred years but a prolonged drought has left her with too few cattle to make a living. So she’s turned to selling manure tea bags. She says straight manure is […]

The Orange County Register

What’s A Manure Tea Bag? Posted by Jan Norman The Orange County Register February 28, 2010 Authentic Haven Brand in San Juan Capistrano is selling manure teabags. But don’t store them next to the Lipton box. Yeah, you can steep them in a large water jar, but don’t leave the resulting brew on the porch […]