Manure Tea Helps Extend Bromeliad Bloom – Three Plus Months

Here’s a link to a post from another gardener, Nancy of Wallace Gardens (@SassyNancy on Twitter), using our Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea – this time to extend the life of her house plant: “Bromeliad Still Blooming.” ( See her photo below) Did you know that Nancy Wallace provides garden design services to several metro […]

Manure Tea & Customer Service a Winning Combo for Mini Roses

Wondering if our manure tea (aka Moo Poo) tea can help you in your garden? Here is a link to a post, Miniature Roses & The MooPoo¬†Experiment, from one of our garden pals Chris VanCleave aka The Redneck Rosarian, who has been trying out our tea fertilizer / soil conditioner on his miniature roses. Shown […]