Manure Tea Helps Roses, Perennials & Annuals

Here’s a follow-up post from Chris VanCleave aka The Redneck Rosarian (@RedneckRosarian on Twitter): “I began my MooPoo odyssey back in the early spring with my first order of Annie Haven’s MooPoo Tea and I can tell you that our results have been fabulous!” click to read more of “Blogfest – Annie Haven’s MooPoo Tea” By […]

Smiling Green Mom

SGM Approved ~ Authentic Haven Brand (Natural Soil Conditioner) Posted by Lynn June 16, 2010 Why is Authentic Haven Brand an SGM approved product? Authentic Haven Brand is a “tea” that naturally enriches soil helping plants root systems become stronger and better able to absorb nutrients! This “tea” is harvested from the by-product of […]

Our Little Acre

Compost Tea and Me Posted by Kylee May 28, 2010 I’ll admit it, I didn’t know a lot about compost tea until recently. I wasn’t even sure how it was made. I guessed it was a watery form of compost and I already used compost in my garden, so I wasn’t all that curious […]

Corona Tools

Where Corona Tools, Manure and Twitter Come Together Posted by coronatools May 18, 2010 ast-forward to 2010 and the advancements in technology, Corona recently began connecting with today’s gardeners via Twitter and its other social networks. We were quickly connected with a local farmer via our @CoronaTools‘ Twitter account. Her name is Annie Haven, […]

Women Home Business

Annie Haven: Success in Selling Cow Manure On The Web Posted by Lyve Alexis Pleshette May 5, 2010 Ever thought you can sell cow’s manure on the Web and profit from it? Annie Haven is doing it, and doing it well. Haven’s family has been producing livestock since 1924, priding themselves as raising natural […]

Gossip In The Garden

How Will You Celebrate Earth Day? Posted by Rebecca Sweet April 22, 2010 The first is one that I lovingly call Moo Poo Tea. It’s really called Haven’s Authentic Brand soil conditioning tea. But Moo Poo Tea is definitely more fun to say. What is it? It’s the by-product of natural grass-fed cows raised […]

Western Gardeners

Gardens Love Haven Brand Moo Poo Tea Posted by Jodi Torpey March 31, 2010 When I moved to the outskirts of Denver more than 10 years ago, I was delighted to see a boarding stable only a few miles away. I was looking forward to gathering aged horse apples and brewing my own manure […]