Manure Tea Works for Butterfly Gardening Too

Here’s a post from @OWButterflies of ObsessionWithButterflies: “Nothing has sparked more life back into my tired (hum, or am I talking about me?) butterfly garden than Haven Brand Manure Tea!” Click to read more of her Butterfly Gardening With Manure Tea post. We’re catching up on posting links to your experiments and success stories, so […]

Green Products and Gardening: They Practice What They Preach

Anne Schreck of Garden Tool Company  just posted about not only selling our manure tea, but using it: “In recent years Blake and I have been trying to become more green when we garden. Gone are the days of pouring all types of chemicals on…” Click to read more of “A Spot of Tea for […]

Greener Gardens Indoors and outdoors with Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea

Here’s a post from Twitter @DirtandMartinis who liked the indoor results, and is now using our manure tea outdoors. “Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea is what I am going to be fertilizing my garden with this summer. No more chemicals…” click to read more of “Growing Green with Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea.” Nicky is […]

Manure Tea Helps Roses, Perennials & Annuals

Here’s a follow-up post from Chris VanCleave aka The Redneck Rosarian (@RedneckRosarian on Twitter): “I began my MooPoo odyssey back in the early spring with my first order of Annie Haven’s MooPoo Tea and I can tell you that our results have been fabulous!” click to read more of “Blogfest – Annie Haven’s MooPoo Tea” By […]

Manure Tea Bags Help Indoor Plants Too

Jan Doble posted about using our manure tea for indoor plants. “I have to tell you about Annie’s Authentic Haven Brand Moo-Poo Tea. Had I not experienced it for myself, I wouldn’t know how fantastic it is.” Click to read more of Jan’s “What Is Manure Tea…” She’s a garden blogger, aspiring master gardener and […]

Manure Tea Extends Life of Cut Flowers Too

Did you know that our manure tea can even help cut flowers live longer? This is a nice little post by another rose lover Bruce Bailey of Heavy Petal Nursery, who learned, by accident, that it does. Check out their rosy story here “The Magic of Moo Poo Tea.” I enjoy chatting with my customers. […]

Manure Tea Helps Extend Bromeliad Bloom – Three Plus Months

Here’s a link to a post from another gardener, Nancy of Wallace Gardens (@SassyNancy on Twitter), using our Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea – this time to extend the life of her house plant: “Bromeliad Still Blooming.” ( See her photo below) Did you know that Nancy Wallace provides garden design services to several metro […]

Manure Tea & Customer Service a Winning Combo for Mini Roses

Wondering if our manure tea (aka Moo Poo) tea can help you in your garden? Here is a link to a post, Miniature Roses & The MooPoo Experiment, from one of our garden pals Chris VanCleave aka The Redneck Rosarian, who has been trying out our tea fertilizer / soil conditioner on his miniature roses. Shown […]