Manure Tea & Customer Service a Winning Combo for Mini Roses

Wondering if our manure tea (aka Moo Poo) tea can help you in your garden? Here is a link to a post, Miniature Roses & The MooPoo Experiment, from one of our garden pals Chris VanCleave aka The Redneck Rosarian, who has been trying out our tea fertilizer / soil conditioner on his miniature roses. Shown […]

Cow Poo Laundry

Jenny Peterson shares an unusual use for Moo Poo Tea…. (Do NOT try this at home!  LOL) Solve the mystery – read the whole story!

Product Review: Annie Haven’s Natural Moo Poo

Growing Green with no soil “Hydroponic” you can grow naturally growing with 100% natural nutrients.  We were reviewed in the February 10, 2011 blog post on Read more . . .

Gardens Eye View

Joy in the garden with 100% natural nutrients.   Manure Tea was mentioned in Donna’s blog post on 2/7/2011.   “Joy is meant to be scattered like seeds springing forth with the new growth of kindness and happiness.” Read more . . .

Orange County Register – Manure tea nourishes plants

By Cindy McNatt, Orange County Register Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010 I had a fascinating conversation with a San Juan Capistrano cattle rancher the other day — Annie Haven at the Haven Family Ranch. Not only does she raise free-range, grass fed, hormone and antibiotic-free Longhorns and Angus, she makes a delightful manure tea that is […]

Garden Tip Tuesday: It’s “Tea” Time

Garden Tip Tuesday

Tea Time in the Garden by Seed Power
growing Green made easy by Authentic Haven Brand

Growing Green with The Succulent Wife

Manure Tea Featured on The Succulent Wife

Haven’s Natural Brew Tea – Manure Tea For Your Garden

Garden Writers Association Symposium 2010 Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

Chris Sabbarese of Corona Tools showing their swag-bag form the Garden Writers Symposium in Dallas Fort Worth; Including an Authentic Haven Brand moo-poo tea bag!!!

Smiling Green Mom

SGM Approved ~ Authentic Haven Brand (Natural Soil Conditioner) Posted by Lynn June 16, 2010 Why is Authentic Haven Brand an SGM approved product? Authentic Haven Brand is a “tea” that naturally enriches soil helping plants root systems become stronger and better able to absorb nutrients! This “tea” is harvested from the by-product of […]

Our Little Acre

Compost Tea and Me Posted by Kylee May 28, 2010 I’ll admit it, I didn’t know a lot about compost tea until recently. I wasn’t even sure how it was made. I guessed it was a watery form of compost and I already used compost in my garden, so I wasn’t all that curious […]