Haven Brand Manure Tea Saves Dying Rose Bush

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According to My Garden Sweet Garden (@gardnsweetgardn on Twitter)… “I never would have believed it. On June 24th this rose was all but dead. All sticks, no leaves, dead. And now look at it! Beautiful!!” Click here to read more of her post “The Great Moo Poo Tea Experiment – Success!”

Benefits of Using Manure Tea

Manure Tea

The benefits of using manure tea for watering your plants are significant over using chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers are dangerous for your plant’s health, not to mention your family’s health. Begin growing green by learning about the benefits of using manure tea.

Common Manure Tea Myths

Manure Tea Myths

Using manure tea is a great way to boost plant growth and increase production. There are many myths circulating about the use of manure manure tea in home gardens. Discover the answers to common questions and fears concerning the use of manure teas in home gardens.

How To Use Manure Tea

How To Use Manure Tea

Once you have the golden brown manure tea brewed, you might be unsure how to use it. Find out how versatile manure tea is and discover the different ways you can apply manure tea to your plants and gardens.

How To Brew Manure Tea

manure tea

Authentic Haven Brand provides a simple way for the home gardener to easily brew their own manure tea. Take a few minutes to learn how you can use Authentic Haven Brand’s easy-to-use tea bags for brewing manure tea.

What Is Manure Tea?

Is manure tea natural

Most gardeners have heard of compost tea, but may be unfamiliar with manure tea. Manure tea conditions the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients. This enables plants to develop strong root systems, bushier growth and vibrant blooms.