Love and Respect for the Land

Love and Respect for the Land by Thyme Square Gardens, I’m talking about Composted Manure that is free of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO/GE feed, herbicide and pesticide free. This stuff is not easy to come by these days!

Bathing the Amaryllis

Bathing the Amaryllis by Nancy Wallace of Wallace Gardens. “One of my favorite fall projects is planting up a variety of Christmas and Spring blooming Amaryllis, but before I put them into pots, I soak their roots for a scant 20 minutes in Cow Manure Tea, from Authentic Haven Brand. After soaking the bulbs, I plant […]

Product Review

Product Review by Natural Family Today. “Natural Home Gardeners, get ready to brew your very own composted manure tea! I did and all of my potted herbs and plants are loving me for it. Everything began to regain vigor and new growth in just a few days after I applied it. It’s easy to brew […]

Merchant Success Story

Merchant Success Story by Independent We Stand. “Authentic Haven Brand sells manure tea, an all-natural soil conditioner, to customers across the country. A family recipe that has been passed down for well over a century, Haven Brand’s “moo poo tea” has been helping gardeners, landscapers and farmers for years.”

Growing and Harvesting Potatoes

Growing and Harvesting Potatoes by Carolyn Binder. “Once you have planted the potatoes and mulched them, there is little else to do until harvest time other than watering every week or so. I occasionally drench them with an organic compost tea, such as Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea (famously known as Moo Poo Tea)”

Hydrangeas So Many Faces

Hydrangeas So Many Faces by Nancy Wallace of Wallace Garden, Fertilizer. “I’ve been using organic Cow Manure Tea from Authentic Haven Brand in California. The results are spectacular, and every year, the hydrangeas get a little more fabulous.”

Extend Your Vase Life

Extend Your Vase Life by Chris VanCleave, I began adding a splash of Annie Haven’s Moo Poo manure tea to my vases of cut roses and other flowers and have seen amazing results. This vase of ‘Lavaglut’ floribunda roses have been in this vase for 10 days now and still look wonderful. That’s double the […]

Haven Brand Manure Tea Saves Dying Rose Bush

According to My Garden Sweet Garden (@gardnsweetgardn on Twitter)… “I never would have believed it. On June 24th this rose was all but dead. All sticks, no leaves, dead. And now look at it! Beautiful!!” Click here to read more of her post “The Great Moo Poo Tea Experiment – Success!”

Manure Tea Works for Butterfly Gardening Too

Here’s a post from @OWButterflies of ObsessionWithButterflies: “Nothing has sparked more life back into my tired (hum, or am I talking about me?) butterfly garden than Haven Brand Manure Tea!” Click to read more of her Butterfly Gardening With Manure Tea post. We’re catching up on posting links to your experiments and success stories, so […]

Happy Hydrangeas and Manure Tea

@SassyNancy (on Twitter) of Wallace Gardens, recently posted, “One Hydrangea…So Many Faces,” about the various colors of blooms on her client’s plants. Her secret – feeding with our manure tea. To read her post click here…