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Every day that I am trying to navigate Authentic Haven Brand without Annie has been difficult and emotional. Although she taught me everything about the business there was still so much more left to learn. I desperately want to keep Annie here, within every part of the business, within every decision I am making for it, and the path of the business going forward. She left so suddenly that I keep finding myself repeating her words to me with every move. Especially this one. 

Annie and I spoke about She explained to me how it was built by her late brother via Adobe Dreamweaver and managed it while he was still alive. She wanted the site to remain up due to its unique customer base and in memory of her brother despite containing the same products and information. However, it presented a problem because she had no way of making updates or changes to the site as he did not leave the files or that information for her when he passed. The biggest issue was that Annie needed to raise the prices due to, as we all know, inflation. The current prices can no longer sustain the business with the rising costs for everything from shipping to maintaining our valuable producers – the cows. I could personally help her with her site but I could not with the one. We were in the process of handling that when she left us. 

The problem being presented now by is different. Annie built a large customer base via this site and an additional customer base via the other site. I cannot track metrics, access accounts, sustain the customer base, make adjustments, etc. via the site. Although many of these things can be resolved, I have made the decision to consolidate and simplify in order to serve Authentic Haven Brand’s customers better versus trying to maintain more channels than necessary.

In summary, if you are one of Annie Haven’s loyal customers intending to visit and have found yourself here, please know that you are in the right place and you can still buy your favorite soil conditioner tea right here: Please enjoy the current product prices until the end of March 2023. 

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