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  1. Deidre. Mercer says

    This year has been my worst attempt at Gardening . After years of playing in the soil, this year was a complete failure. This is after nourishing the soil & a weekly. – alternating between compost tea & moo tea. I have made 3 midnight deposits of ladybugs. At 5:30am. I go out & water the plants. . . By noon everything looks like death. If I feed the plants it is always around 7pm.
    Every fall I plant a couple hundred bulbs – the moles love them. 🙁 This year I only had 6 blooms.
    In the garden, the the cabbage was lace, even with the ladybugs. The cucumbers are producing but the green beans & squash haven’t. The tomatoes & green peppers have something eating them. What is left, the ants devour. Whatever is going on starts before the green goes My only success are the hot peppers I grew for my son in law.
    Today all I could hear was my grandmother saying, “You are throwing good money for bad.” She is deceased but I felt her acknowleging I am overwhelmed.
    My Organic Garden this year is not cost effective. I just had Good cry in the corn area of my garden. At least my granddaughter & I have something to do every summer, here in Wilmington, DE.

  2. AnnieHaven says

    Ah, sounds like an off growing season for you, I know your grandmother’s words are ringing in your ears but please don’t give up on your garden. Gardening is a passion and work rolled into one. We need beneficial bugs like Lady Bugs to help but it seems like there was more eating at your garden. I use the no till method of raised beds, I place wire on the bottoms of the beds to keep the critters out this might help you with your bulb problem. I would like to invite you to join us on twitter for #gardenchat each Monday at 9 PM EST it’s were gardeners come together to help solve gardening problems and share ideas. Please don’t give up on your garden if farmers gave up when bad weather or blithe hit there would be no food in the stores. Thank you for your post!


  1. Growing Green with The Succulent Wife #gardening >

  2. Growing Green with The Succulent Wife #gardening >

  3. Growing Green with The Succulent Wife #gardening >

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