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Where Corona Tools, Manure and Twitter Come Together

Posted by coronatools
May 18, 2010

ast-forward to 2010 and the advancements in technology, Corona recently began connecting with today’s gardeners via Twitter and its other social networks. We were quickly connected with a local farmer via our @CoronaTools‘ Twitter account. Her name is Annie Haven, who goes by the screen name @GreenSoil we were surprised to learn she has a direct connection to Corona’s history.

It turns out, Annie comes from a long line of early Southern California orange growers. Namely Archibald B. Haven, Jr., whose family helped define the citrus and seed industries and relied on Corona tools, specifically the “9B” and orange picking sacks, to harvest their crops back in the early 1930′s. Their farms were located all throughout the southland, and in the city of Ontario, two of its major thoroughfares still bear her grandfather’s namesake, Archibald and Haven Avenues.

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  1. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  2. AnnieHaven says

    Happy we are here to help you grow Green in your garden please visit often to see what we have growing on for you : )


  1. GreenSoil says:

    #gardening two companies that are growing in the right direction for the past 80 plus years @CoronaTools & @GreenSoil –

  2. Corona Tools says:

    RT @GreenSoil #gardening two co's growing in the right direction for the past 80 plus years @CoronaTools & @GreenSoil –

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