Benefits of Using Manure Tea

You may be wondering why anyone would want to use manure tea in their flower or vegetable gardens. Why not just use a synthetic fertilizer for vegetables, herbs or flowers?

There are many benefits to using manure tea over chemical fertilizers and here we outline just a few.

Manure Tea Is All-Natural

manure teaAuthentic Haven Brand cow and horse manure tea is completely all-natural. There are no chemicals or synthetic additives used at any point of the process. Our manure teas are completely compostable, even the 100% cotton tea bag.

Haven livestock are raised on native grass pastures and are rotated between several of these pastures throughout the year. This allows the livestock to graze and eat grasses just as nature intended.

This process results in an all-natural, green and clean end product.

It’s Far Less Expensive Than Chemical Fertilizers

By comparison, manure tea is far less expensive than commercial, synthetic fertilizers. A 3-pack of horse or cow manure tea is $12.95 and makes over 20 gallons of premium soil conditioner. Try to purchase that much commercial fertilizer in a garden center and it could cost as much as twenty dollars or more!

Manure Tea Does Not Damage The Soil

Chemical fertilizers damage the soil by killing beneficial microbes and fungi needed for healthy plant growth. These microbes and fungi are important to plants because they help build strong root systems and help roots to better absorb nutrients.

Manure tea does the exact opposite – it helps to condition the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients and provides beneficial microbes.

Manure Tea Provides Nutrients & Minerals Quickly

Most chemical fertilizers are a slow release, which can take days or weeks to begin taking effect. Manure tea acts fast to provide your plants with essential nutrients when, and where, they need it most.

Manure tea can be used as a foliar sprays misted onto plant leaves. This is ideal for indoor plants to give them a quick boost of nutrients.

You will have bushier growth, fuller blooms and better overall production by using manure tea.

Manure Tea Is Simplicity at Its Best

There is not much else in the gardening world that is any easier to use than manure tea. Brewing manure tea is an effortless process and using it is even easier.

With chemical fertilizers, you have to worry about using too much or not enough.

Who has time for all that measuring and calculating?

Using manure tea eliminates all that because there is no measuring, no calculating, and you never have to worry about burning your plants.

Manure tea is completely all-natural and doesn’t get any more simple than that!

Grow Green Gardens With Manure Tea

Whether you are growing tomatoes in raised beds, herbs in a container, or a Peace Lilly indoors, Authentic Haven Brand manure teas are the way to grow for green, healthy plants.

To check out our full line of all-natural soil conditioner teas, please visit our website – Authentic Haven Brand.


  1. What an awesome product! As a farmer, we've been using nature's livestock poo for generations! It really does the trick to make your garden grow! Luv it!!

  2. Hi Amy! Thank you! The benefits of using all-natural manure tea is immense. We hope all gardeners grow green with our products.

  3. BGgarden says

    I love how easy it is to use the tea. I make a jug of it concentrate and add split it between 2 / 3 gallon watering cans and away I go! My blooms look amazing!

  4. greensoiltea says

    Hello: I'm Annie owner of Authentic Haven Brand premium soil conditioner teas. I just wanted to say thank you personally for the wonderful comment you posted on Please feel free to e-mail me any time I'm a woman rancher working to make growing Green easy for all gardeners and keep the Haven Family tradition of raising Grass Fed Livestock free of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides alive and well please follow me on Twitter @GreenSoil and visit my fb page

  5. AnnieHaven says

    Thank you for brewing Haven Brand manure tea and taking time to post on the benefits of using manure tea to naturally condition your garden soil.

  6. AnnieHaven says

    Hello Paul:

    Please contact me at I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about brewing and feeding Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew for optimal plant growth.

  7. AnnieHaven says

    Thank you for growing chemical free in your garden with Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

  8. Gail Leachman says

    Gardening is just a hobby, I am not an expert. I am curious about the uses of the various types of ‘manure teas’ to use in my garden (cow, horse, alfalfa ‘for roses’). Very interested in trying the tea method. I live in zip code 93021, and my Sunset zone range is 21-24. I have a wide variety of garden plants, and want to ascertain if one tea type would be beneficial for all the plants or would more than one tea choice be better; at your site you do use the word ‘all’ at times. Primarily– Would your manure tea work for acid loving plans as well as all my other plants, or should I buy a different one for the acid loving plants as I do for commercial fertlizers? Some of the garden plants are: David Austin roses; trees: a Japanese Maple Tree (that came without a cultivar tag), River Birches, Meyer dwarf lemon tree; various tall shrubs for privacy- Pittosporums, Privets, Red Twig Dogwood, Loropetalum chinense, smaller shrubs/plants–Lanvandula varieties, various Boxwoods, Mandavillias, Olea europaea, Helichrysums, Gardenias, Calla Lily’s, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Hydrangeas, Jasmine, Camelias, Azaleas, Bougainvilleas, various ground covers, Salvias, succulents, and a few herbs and veggies in growing season. What do you suggest– for the acid loving plants?

  9. AnnieHaven says

    Hello Gail,

    Thank you for contacting us. Cow manure tea Vs. Horse manure tea we consider to be growers preference, as we have award winning gardeners that feed both. Cow manure tea is our #1 seller followed by horse and then alfalfa. Both cow and horses manure teas can be fed to “all plants”, shrubs, trees, lawns, container and houseplants, with no fear of burning roots or foliage, it is safe for all soil types as well. The Alfalfa tea is fed by rose growers as the first feeding in Spring to stimulate root growth then fed either cow or horse manure tea thru to Fall with another feeding of Alfalfa to boost Fall blooms. Shade plantings also love several good feedings of Alfalfa tea thru the growing season. Thank you again for contacting us and we look forward to growing with you naturally. Please feel free to contact us at any time we are her to answer your growing questions. Annie Haven

  10. Gail Leachman says

    Thank you very much. I am looking forward to having a much happier and healthy garden. I’ll make my order now.

  11. I love this product,no scent and I have used for plants and roses. I have gifted to friends for Roses. Soil here sandy and dreadful, this product and Annie are divine.

  12. I just ordered a pack of tea bags for my normal succulents, but would I be able to use this for my cacti as well?

  13. christopher milligan says

    Does the manure tea smell at all? I ask because you mention that it can be used on indoor plants.

    Is it cheaper to order the manure tea bags in bulk?

  14. Hello Christopher, when Authentic Haven Brand is steeped and fed per the tea tag directions you will not experience any scent. Please feel free to email us at if you would like to discuss bulk rate purchase.


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